Brand & Logo Design

If you on this page, it means you are interested in getting hold of a high level, professional and creative logo design and brand identity team. With a fresh attitude to design, contemporary ideas and a youthful vigor to our work – we are fast becoming well known for our logo design and brand identities.

Logo design is the most visible and tangible form and as such often one of the most important areas of a businesses identity, and giving your business a successful logo is just another step forward to your companies success.

As a company we believe strongly about design principles and will offer advice and guidance throughout the logo design process to make sure you not only get an effective logo design for your business but also so go away understanding how your logo has been created and how it arrived at the end product; helping you to transfer its values to other advertising purposes.

Designing a brand identity is the key part of the development in any brand and as brand designers, we are experts in developing brand identities for many a successful brand. Before you embark on the journey of your brand design contact us to make sure your brand gets the attention and creativity it deserves.

Research and Evaluation

One has to know where they are to determine where they wish to go and this is the same case with branding. Whether you have a fresh plate or are re-branding an existing entity. As such our team use this element of the chain to gain a clear understanding of your brand and how it is perceived, both internally and externally is essential in creating an effective design solution.

Logo Design Process

1. The Brief : To begin with, you will contact us, and the most important thing here is that we get a true understanding to as far an extent as possible as to what you want your logo to be.

2. Research: Next we do our homework! Using your brief we examine your company, its competitors and your industry history.

3. Visual Research: Here we look into the actual eventual logo style. Here we look extensively for a look, a style, an approach or attitude, usually to attain a period or style that we are unfamiliar with, or to refresh ourselves with what is new or successful.

4. Sketching & Conceptualising: At this stage is where we get creative! ehich is exactly what your after! Here we, create the logo design concepts using the brief and subsequent gathered information. normally we will begin by sketching various logo designs which we will then tidy up digitally.

5. Feedback: Depending on your project and package, you will be presented with a respective number of concepts for your logo design. Here it is up to you to provide us with as much feedback as possible, critiques and opinions. You can then choose a concept as your desired direction, or ask us to go back to the drawing board!

6.Finalisations: After taking on board you valuable opinions, requirements and feedback; we will take the concept and polish it too your final product. It is supplied to you in all normal industry formats (.eps | .ai | .pdf | .jpg ) various other formats can be supplied at request.

Brand Strategy

The key constituent to any brand is often its use after execution. As such Acuity are on hand from day one through the lifespan of your brand to assist, work on, educate others on your brand. How it should be used effectively in marketing materials and how importantly, it should not be used or placed.

A brand goes much further than just a logo.. it is something that to your market will embody who you are and what your company stands for. As such, what the customer can expect from your prodduct, service or involvement.