Internet Marketing

Our primary objectives are to build your online marketing program incrementally to control costs, integrate all the elements for the most powerful effect & greatest results, and accomplish these tasks with minimal extra work on your part. Here are some of the powerful services that we perform for your business:

Strategy & Planning – Developing a custom approach for your business to leverage the?new online social media and mobile marketing platforms
Social Media marketing programs – for engaging with prospects and customers on their?turf, building your “tribe” of followers and establishing social authority for you and your
Online Video marketing programs – for increasing visibility and traffic, ongoing communication with your “tribe” and social authority building
Local Directory marketing programs – for getting your business locations found more?successfully and increasing traffic and sales.
Mobile marketing programs – for getting your business found through mobile devices?and for following up powerfully with prospects and customers through their mobile devices

Online Marketing with Social Media is no longer an option — It’s a Requirement.

If you’re not moving forward with an online marketing plan that includes articles, videos, and social media, then you’re falling behind your competition.

Online marketing is the new word of mouth, but to play in this game, you’ve got to get on the field. ?Answer these three questions:

  1. Is your product / service easy to find online?
  2. Are you active in the online places where your target customers hang out?
  3. In other words, are your customers able to connect with you on their terms?

If not, then why not? What are you waiting for?

Link Building

Building links is a well established search engine optimization strategy. Link building can in some cases can bring you direct traffic such as a social media link baiting campaign, but the primary reason for link building is to increase your websites visibility in the search engines and thus in turn, its ranking.

In short, search engines see every time a website links to you, as a recommendation or indication of importance from that website. The more websites that recommend you, the higher up in the search results you appear. Obviously, a touch more involved, but essentially this is premise that spurs the link building practice.

Email Marketing Overview

If you’re on this page, it means you are interested in getting hold of a high level, professional and creative logo design and brand identity team. With a fresh attitude to design, contemporary ideas and a youthful vigor to our work – we are fast becoming well known for our logo design and brand identities.

Logo design is the most visible and tangible form and as such often one of the most important areas of a businesses identity, and giving your business a successful logo is just another step forward to your companies success.

As a company we believe strongly about design principles and will offer advice and guidance throughout the logo design process to make sure you not only get an effective logo design for your business but also so go away understanding how your logo has been created and how it arrived at the end product; helping you to transfer its values to other advertising purposes.

Designing a brand identity is the key part of the development in any brand and as brand designers, we are experts in developing brand identities for many a successful brand. Before you embark on the journey of your brand design contact us to make sure your brand gets the attention and creativity it deserves.

Social Media Overview

Austin Web Design Shop will begin by creating / optimizing your businesses social media profiles to join in the conversation, and interact with the users that you want to drive towards your website. Part of the process will include training you to understand the benefits to your website and brand of social media – so that you can feel confident using social media to communicate on the web.

Utilizing social media, helps to aid getting your business ‘out there’ on the internet, which will in turn tie in with other strategies Austin Web Design Shop employ such as link-building. Other strategies, may include the maintenance / creation / optimization of a blogging platform. Blogging is a great way of keeping clientele up to date on what your business is up to, with many SEO and marketing advantages as well.