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Our web site design company offering web solutions and search engine optimization in Austin, Texas and nationwide. Austin Web Design Shop specializes in unique website design and internet marketing. We offer “top 10” search engine positioning, great prices, state of the art optimization, flexible packages and prompt service. At Designed Media our mission is to listen to what our client wants and needs, then create the web site that exceeds those needs. The outcome will show on the internet with panache and intelligence, in a user friendly design. A website designed by Austin Web Design Shop will position you for maximum exposure in the online market by increasing your internet traffic through search engine optimization. We are not tied to our location, we offer our service nationwide – we are capable of serving accounts anywhere in the world. Our goal is to offer our clients the best online presence at a very competitive price. We serve across the world, and can offer exposure just as far. Contact us today for a FREE site evaluation.

Your Austin Web Design Shop

We do not just design pretty web sites, we create business. AWD Shop offers all aspects that should go into the creation of your web – not just a “cool” web page , but will design and optimize your web site with attention to the “look and feel” to you and your visitors, while being sure the process includes superior search engine positioning. These two factors are of equal importance and you will find most website designers will not address both in the manner, and with the success, that AWD Shop does.

Let us make your business bigger and better than ever!